Makeup haul

Remember how my bio said this is not a beauty blog, but then I posted a majority of beauty related posts? Yeah I'm still gonna stick to my statement and say this isn't a beauty blog. We can just pretend I don't have an obsession with makeup and I'll just continue posting makeup products and … Continue reading Makeup haul


I found it!!

So, you might have seen these memes floating around the net and I don't know about you but I certainly felt intrigued and found it extremely necessary to start the search for them because...well... who doesn't like nutella,maltesers and oreo. I felt it my responsibility to find them and try them to complete my life! I … Continue reading I found it!!


So, normally I don't do this kind of stuff on my blog, but I thought of trying something different for this week. I'm no beauty guru or a fashion blogger but I do have some favorites that I would like to share. These five things are my current favorites for now, I am obsessed with … Continue reading Favorites