DIY: Feather Bookmarks

Since the last DIY I shared, was appreciated, I thought of sharing another easy DIY for making bookmarks. It is the most colorful and classiest one I've tried so far. All you need: Coloured paper Ruler Scissor Pencil Glue Thread or Wool One hole punch machine Once you have everything ready, take your coloured paper … Continue reading DIY: Feather Bookmarks


DIY Bookmarks

For all those young crafty people out there, here's a fun little DIY to make your very own Bookmarks. All you need: Colored paper Markers Chart paper Crayons Scissors Punch machine Colored pens Wool or any colorful thread which ever you prefer Design cutters Transparent tape (preferably wider than your bookmark) If you have some … Continue reading DIY Bookmarks

I found it!!

So, you might have seen these memes floating around the net and I don't know about you but I certainly felt intrigued and found it extremely necessary to start the search for them because...well... who doesn't like nutella,maltesers and oreo. I felt it my responsibility to find them and try them to complete my life! I … Continue reading I found it!!