My go to order at Delfrio

In case you weren’t craving anything right now and were enjoying your healthy cucumber juice, I have taken it upon me to provide you with some junk food inspo to keep those calories going. Don’t want you to be losing any weight now do we? Previously on my blog I have been trying and testing … Continue reading My go to order at Delfrio


Favorites at “The Waffle Cart”

Back with another favorites! As you may have noticed, I have a sweet tooth, I love anything meetha, but I'm very choosy and picky about my desserts at the same time. I take my meetha very seriously. It has to be just perfect. So if I recommend someone something sweet, know that I am very … Continue reading Favorites at “The Waffle Cart”

I found it!!

So, you might have seen these memes floating around the net and I don't know about you but I certainly felt intrigued and found it extremely necessary to start the search for them because...well... who doesn't like nutella,maltesers and oreo. I felt it my responsibility to find them and try them to complete my life! I … Continue reading I found it!!