Favorites at “The Waffle Cart”

Back with another favorites! As you may have noticed, I have a sweet tooth, I love anything meetha, but I’m very choosy and picky about my desserts at the same time.

I take my meetha very seriously.

It has to be just perfect. So if I recommend someone something sweet, know that I am very religious with my recommendations. It’s after a lot of research trial and error.

Unless you live under a rock or you’ve been walking around with your eyes and ears closed, you must have heard about the recent eye candy “The Waffle Cart” 

If you live in Karachi or happen to be visiting for some reason you have to give them a try. They do one of the best waffles ever!!

Here are some of my favs at the The Waffle Cart.


The best out of all the ones I’ve tried is the Ferrero Rocher. Though the waffle is topped with nutella the chunks of Ferrero Rocher add a special heavenly experience. 10/10


This one made it to number two on my list. It’s equally delicious when compared to the Rocher but it still couldn’t beat it to number one :p This one also has nutella and chocolate fudge syrup as a topping but the kitkat adds a little fun to your unchunky life. 9/10


If you’re a fan of Mcflurry Oreo, I think you will enjoy this. Nutella mixed with Oreo is basically a treat you don’t want to miss. The alliance of the two super powers of the dessert world. *writes on tombstone “in the love of chocolate”* *dies*


They’ve recently introduced a bubble waffle as well. I got some Almonds, Nutella, Waffers and Ice cream alongside mine. delicious! 

It was an absolute treat ❤

The reason all my favorites include nutella topping is because I am a major nutella fan. You can choose your favorite topping which includes all sorts of different syrups like comelle etc and topping like nuts almonds bueno, the list goes on.


Don’t eat the waffle all at once or you’ll enter into a chocolate coma. It’s too heavy ;p

Where can I find them?

They are located at Forum, Lucky One, The place and Malangs Cafe.

Go check them out! because if you don’t, you may possibly commit a sin against your loyalty to anything with carbs.

Their socials:



Hope you liked this blog post, let me know if you want to see more reviews and favorites. Have you tired The Waffle Cart? which one is your favorite?

Keep in touch with me on Facebook twitter and Instagram I would love to chat.

Until next time.





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