A Sincere Cry for Help


Have you ever felt like you’ve long-lost your battle? You feel as if you’re on the floor and cannot muster enough strength to get back up? downloadAll your efforts slap you back on the face and push you down, again and again and again, until you’re firmly embedded into the ground, almost a part of the earth that you were made from. You stop believing in good people, in good karma, you have lost all HOPE. Then, as a last resort, you reach out for the One Who is always there, ready to give, without asking for favors. The One Who is Sincere, Just and Kind.


You pour your heart out to the One Who created you. You tell Him everything that you’re going through and He listens. He knows you inside out,aware of each and every detail of your journey in this world, yet, He listens. You cry, you complain, you inform Him how life is being unfair to you. How totally broken and fed up you are, ready to give up. He knows how petty and insignificant your problems are, He smiles. You tell Him you’re crushed, you’re damaged and you’ve had enough of this world, this life. He listens to all of it patiently. He knows you’ve been ungrateful, He knows you’ve been unfair, but when you choose to confide in Him, He never judges you and He listens.


In that moment, when you’re totally weak and helpless, you open up to your Lord, you sincerely call out to Him for help, consider Him as your only well-wisher, Your best friend, bow down to Him and ask for His forgiveness. His Rehmah comes to attention, He shows you hope and shows you a glimpse of his power. What it means to trust Him, let go of everything and just leave it all to Him. He pulls you out of that dark abyss of sadness, gives you strength, gives you power, gives you joy, gives you happiness. He gives you the will to move forward.




Then you realize, your Lord should not have been your last resort. His door should have been the first one you knocked on, because all this time, when you begged at the realms of mankind, it was Allah who had all the answers, it was Him you should have turned to. Every second of every moment that you spent crying, He was waiting to help you, only if you asked.

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To those in that dark abyss, I might sound like another person who claims to know what you feel. But I sincerely hope, that you decide to trust Allah, because that is one unbreakable bond. Once you place your faith in Him, once He is on your side, you need not worry about ANYTHING.

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17 thoughts on “A Sincere Cry for Help

  1. Muslim Mummy says:

    ‘His door should have been the first one you knocked on…’

    Exactly! We often turn to Him as the last resort at that is wrong…as you say should be the first door

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  2. Sidra Siddiqui says:

    “Every second of every moment that you spent crying, He was waiting to help you, only if you asked.”

    This is so beautiful! Allah should always be the first one we turn to. He has all the solutions, all the answers. Beautiful!

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  3. Shanaz Rafiq says:

    Yes we all go through this in our lives and I can very well connect myself to each and every emotion mentioned here. Alhamdulillah I have a habit of not sharing my these emotions with any of my close ones…its only Allah swt with whom I pour out my heart sitting on the prayer mat. That gives me so much of relief

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  4. Afra says:

    This is so real, and so hard to get through, and as a mom I Feel like I constantly go through this again and again and again. I pray Allah gets me through it ❤ Thank you for the reminder sister.

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  5. Fateem says:

    It’s really true that turning to Allah helps and even if we continue to have depression, suffering from it for a long time, it really helps to know that there’s One, who actually understands us and what we are going through. Everybody suffers so differently, even with depression, the experience is usually unique to that individual so Alhamdulillah that we have our Creator to turn to and we dont even need to say anything as He’s All Knowing 🙂

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