Favorites at Gloria Jeans

I’m one of those people, who order the exact same thing every single time they go to a restaurant or a cafe because they’re too afraid of getting something they won’t like. I hate experimenting. Ever since childhood I used to order plain vanilla ice cream because I didn’t want to explore the other options. One bad experience killed the explorer in me.

Not daring enough, old and boring or happy with what I’m getting kind of person you might say. But one of my new year resolutions is, to try new things, experiment more and  get out of my comfort zone. So putting my resolution into effect, I’ve been exploring more and have decided to document it on my blog and share what I like.

This post, I’ll be sharing the new food items I tried and liked at Gloria Jeans.

If you aren’t aware, Gloria Jeans is one of the biggest coffee chains based in Australia and they also have their franchise here in Pakistan.

I have been loving these four things from Gloria Jeans

Caramel Nut Chiller 

I prefer it with whipped cream. It is cold coffee with caramel and a hint of hazelnut. What I like is that it’s not too sweet like a milkshake and its not too bitter, it’s just right.

Cadbury Cake

This isn’t something new I’ve had it before and I love it so I thought why not include it anyways. It’s the softest sponge cake ever, with just the right amount of icing. It’s not too heavy like the cakes nowadays that have too much cream on them. It’s a light sweet delight which tastes like cadbury chocolate and goes perfectly well with some coffee.

Jalapeno Mozzarella Sticks

I’m not a fan of Jalapenos but I liked this. These were mozzarella sticks with jalapeno flavoring inside it. Loved it.

Stuffed Crispy Bites

This is new on their Menu and I would highly recommend it. It’s like a chicken cheese swiss roll. It had cheese in the middle covered with chicken and bread coating on the top layer. Tasted lovely with the sauce provided.

Chocolate Muffin

The last thing I like from Gloria Jeans is this Chocolate muffin. It reminds me of when I was small and had this with my morning milk before school. Its soft, moist and yummy. well paired with a mug of coffee.


These are the things I love to order at Gloria Jeans. They once had mocha mousse which I loved but its discontinued now so…I have decided to move on to bigger and better things :p

What are the things you tried for the first time and liked? lemme know.

Hope you have a lovely day filled with chocolate and coffee( if you are a fan of coffee that is) otherwise you can have marshmallows instead.

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until next time



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