Beauty and the Beast Review

Ever since the word got out that Emma Watson would be playing Belle in the new Disney channel live action movie “Beauty and the Beast”, I couldn’t wait. I believe it was back in early 2016 that it all started and I was counting days. The trailer looked really promising. I watched all the BTS and interviews and my expectations were pretty high, especially after the live action for Cinderella turned out to be as beautiful as I had imagined.

Now, the thing is I haven’t to this day, ever seen beauty and the beast (The animated version) but I do know the gist of the story. There is a beast, a rose and the castle is alive and under a spell which belle breaks. Point is I didn’t have anything to compare this live action version to, which I think is a plus point because people get disappointed when they watch the remake and say “Oh no but original ko koi beat nahi karsakta” (No one can beat the original version) Which I kind of did but anyways!

DISCLAIMER: This review in no way means to offend any fans of the story beauty and the beast it’s just my personal opinion on what I thought of it. Please don’t take it to your heart. It’s not necessary for you to agree or disagree with my opinion in any way. I’m not being rude I’m just sharing my thoughts. Thaankyouuu 🙂

What I thought of the film? Don’t worry I won’t give spoilers :p

Did I mention that my expectations were above 200?

I think it was, I’d say an okay-ish movie. I know right? disappointing to hear. Maybe I was expecting something super magical and amazing.

Emma Watson was superb I loved her acting she was a thumbs up all along. She looked absolutely ravishing and phenomenal and I am not being biased. 

The beast was…well I think they could’ve done a better job he was too animated to give you the feels. Personally I think he has a bipolar disorder, one minute he’s super angry and the other minute he’s attempting to make jokes and he’s super nice. I’ve heard that this version is pretty close to the original one, the story, the dialogues everything so I don’t know maybe he’s the same and it’s his character…but I feel if they chose the beast to be an actual person instead of him being animated it would’ve been better. The other characters, the candle stick and the teapot they are much too cute in the original movie (this much I do know thanks to google) so that factor was a disappointment.


See what I mean?

I think for it to be a kids rated movie it had a little too much violence. Younger kids (5-10) would be scared. It was too dark for a kids movie. I think it was too serious… I dont know how to describe it. If they would have stuck to the chirpy disney theme like the original one it would be more appealing. Like in the animation the beast is kind of cute he isn’t that scary He actually seems funny. As for this he seemed too animated with a sad life an attitude problem and no optimism left.

I think the story moved on too fast and had loop holes. I feel that some scenes were extra and could be omitted, which would have allowed the story to move at the right pace, because obviously there is always a limited time.

Enough rambling  about what I didn’t like….

What I did like

The fact that they chose Emma Watson to play Belle! Quite frankly I went to watch the movie because of her since I had no childhood obsessions related to this Disney classic. But being a big Emma fan I ws beyond excited!!

The graphics were pretty neat I loved the detailing. Belle’s wardrobe, the castle even the beast. The wolves actually felt real. The sound quality and the scenery absolute love. The ball scene was pretty epic though. That was the only part that felt like Disney material.


I would give it a 5/10.

I don’t know maybe I had really high expectations after the Cinderella remake and I expected it to be more magical and sparkly and pretty… It’s still pretty magical but I don’t know, it just wasn’t that good to a get a 10/10

Being a Disney Classic I think they could’ve done better.

Would I watch it again?

Maybe after some time… But it’s not like I’m in a complete state of Aww  and I’m just having post movie excitement like I normally do after a Disney classic (like Cinderella) (The cinematography was just too good for that one)

So that was my opinion on Beauty and the beast. Hope you liked it. Don’t hate me for being honest please, I’m not a rude person I’m just really serious about my Disney movies :p

Let me know what you think about the movie and if you agree with me or you absolutely loved it.

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Until next time.



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