A Day In college

As I open my eyes to the little sunlight in my room, thinking I still have hours to sleep, my uniform hanging by my cupboard reminds me, hunny you still have college, you still wake up early morning while others are lost in dream land, you still spend 6 hours climbing three flight of stairs rushing to catch class in time, you still have 20 days of college left!! I force myself to get out and get changed, wash my face and look human enough to be recognized by my classmates. Breakfast involves having milk with my eyes closed. I sleepily get in the car and get dropped to college telling myself, its okay Friday is just 4 days away..(see what I did there). Before entering the gate I get a mini panic attack as I realise that I might have accidentally forgotten my ID card at home which means I would have to wait and get my name written down so that these nice people can charge 50 rupees on my fee-bill for showing up to college, but as I shuffle through my bag I get hold of my card and walk through the metal detector, ten pair of eyes staring at me as if I am a mass killer, as I try to make my way in. I hear my name being called and my heart skips a beat, what’s wrong? Am I wearing incorrect socks? Are my shoes not proper? Is my uniform out-of-order? Have I committed a serious crime that can cause me getting scolded??? but it’s just my friends.

FRIENDS!! one of the reason I make an effort of waking up early. We exchange hellos and how are you’s and chat about what ever our sleepy minds can comprehend. Discuss over the matters we had piled up since the night before, after we went to bed. We are having a lovely time laughing and teasing until… the bell goes off. If you have been to my college you would know this. The first thing every one does in class, is find a spot where the fan is, w hat with heat wave and all, survival in the college is only possible if you find a spot under the fan which runs as if it is suffering from typhoid, but still it is a moral support.

Lecture starts and I realise I only have a single pen that I own, which I forgot on my desk at home. Asking my neighbours for one, I don’t get surprised to see that every one possesses only a pen each. oh well!

The day goes on and time refuses to move, It is on the slowest train ever. My sleep from the morning returns and I try hard to keep my self awake without any luck. After 160 minutes of sleepiness and torture I get a free class which makes me think, great! Now I can actually eat and have water, have some rest time. But, I am surely mistaken, I have stuff to do.. stuff like… manage the huuuuge crowd in the cafeteria because that is the only way ill get some water for myself and stay alive. When I finally get my turn to buy water I am informed that water has finished and I can only get pineapple juice. SERIOUSLY!!! who keeps pineapple? disappointed, I return to my friends on our usual spot under the main hall stairs. This is the place that is number two on the list of the things ill miss. We sit there all day long talking nonsense and sharing gossip.

After barely making it alive through two psychology classes I get a chance to sit  once more under the stairs. Attachment and sentimental feelings return and I feel like I never want to leave my buddies.

While I cross by the staff room I see my teachers and feel that sinking thing again where I realise… I AM GONNA MISS THIS PLACE BAAAAD. Slowly as home time comes near I don’t feel like leaving. THIS IS MY LAST YEAR AND THESE ARE THE LAST 20 DAYS…I WONT BE RETURNING HERE AS A STUDENT. OH MY!!!!!! I feel like a 2-year-old who doesn’t want to leave her mother. In my case I have realised that I don’t want to leave the friends the college and the awesome memories behind.

No matter how much I wish everyday that it would be a holiday, I am deeply attached to this place. No matter how annoying it is to have no water in the wash room and no usage of dustbins I WILL MISS THIS ANNOYING PLACE AND ITS PEOPLE.

No matter how much I complain and nag about this place, no matter how awful I look in my uniform, no matter how frustrated I get at times, no matter what I say… THIS IS MY COLLEGE AND ILL MISS IT LIKE CRAAAAZYY!


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  1. shellyray says:

    You will definitely miss it even if you hate it at times! I graduated from college in May and let me tell you, I definitely miss that place a lot! 🙂


    1. meemfay says:

      I know as the ending days are coming near I feel really attached to this place :’)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. bakhshikaka says:

    Sentiments and emotions ..

    Liked by 1 person

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