Favorites at Gloria Jeans

I’m one of those people, who order the exact same thing every single time they go to a restaurant or a cafe because they’re too afraid of getting something they won’t like. I hate experimenting. Ever since childhood I used to order plain vanilla ice cream because I didn’t want to explore the other options. One bad experience killed the explorer in me.

Not daring enough, old and boring or happy with what I’m getting kind of person you might say. But one of my new year resolutions is, to try new things, experiment more and  get out of my comfort zone. So putting my resolution into effect, I’ve been exploring more and have decided to document it on my blog and share what I like.

This post, I’ll be sharing the new food items I tried and liked at Gloria Jeans.

If you aren’t aware, Gloria Jeans is one of the biggest coffee chains based in Australia and they also have their franchise here in Pakistan.

I have been loving these four things from Gloria Jeans

Caramel Nut Chiller 

I prefer it with whipped cream. It is cold coffee with caramel and a hint of hazelnut. What I like is that it’s not too sweet like a milkshake and its not too bitter, it’s just right.

Cadbury Cake

This isn’t something new I’ve had it before and I love it so I thought why not include it anyways. It’s the softest sponge cake ever, with just the right amount of icing. It’s not too heavy like the cakes nowadays that have too much cream on them. It’s a light sweet delight which tastes like cadbury chocolate and goes perfectly well with some coffee.

Jalapeno Mozzarella Sticks

I’m not a fan of Jalapenos but I liked this. These were mozzarella sticks with jalapeno flavoring inside it. Loved it.

Stuffed Crispy Bites

This is new on their Menu and I would highly recommend it. It’s like a chicken cheese swiss roll. It had cheese in the middle covered with chicken and bread coating on the top layer. Tasted lovely with the sauce provided.

Chocolate Muffin

The last thing I like from Gloria Jeans is this Chocolate muffin. It reminds me of when I was small and had this with my morning milk before school. Its soft, moist and yummy. well paired with a mug of coffee.


These are the things I love to order at Gloria Jeans. They once had mocha mousse which I loved but its discontinued now so…I have decided to move on to bigger and better things :p

What are the things you tried for the first time and liked? lemme know.

Hope you have a lovely day filled with chocolate and coffee( if you are a fan of coffee that is) otherwise you can have marshmallows instead.

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until next time


Home Made Mozzarella Sticks

I’m back again with yet another delicious recipe for a snack that I have been loving for the past three months or so. I’ve seen a lot of recipes online, but I tried to add a little touch of my own.

So here we go!!

You will need:

  • A block of Mozzarella cheese (make sure its a local brand because imported cheese is not halal)
  • 1/2 cup Cornflour
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 tsp Yakhni powder
  • 1/4 tsp White pepper
  • Bread crumbs
  • Crushed Cheetos
  • Crushed Catty chins
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1tbsp Milk
  • Oil
  • Chaat Masala


Preparing the sticks:

Cut the block of cheese into sticks. Size of your choice.

Take cornflour, flour, white pepper and 1/2 tsp yakhni powder, mix it together and coat the mozzarella sticks in this mixture dusting off the excess.
Keep the sticks aside.

Preparing the coating:

In a wide bowl beat the eggs. Add milk and the remaining yakhni powder (1/2 tsp). Mix it together.

In a separate bowl add the bread crumbs Cheetos and catty chins. Mix them together, this will prepare the first coating of your sticks. It should look something like this.

Now take your coated sticks one by one and dip them first in the egg mixture and then in the Cheeto-bread crumb mixture. Make sure that no area is left while coating them with the egg and the crumbs. Put them in the freezer for one hour.

Take the sticks out of the freezer and now repeat the process, dip them in the egg mixture but this time coat them only with plain bread crumbs (no cheetos or cattychins added). The reason why we do this is because if the outer coating contains cheetos they will burn during frying and will leave a bitter taste.
Put these double coated sticks in the freezer overnight.

Take them out of the freezer and fry them. Sprinkle some chaat masala while hot and they are ready to eat.

Notice that the inner layer is orange as compared to the outer one. That is because the outer layer contains bread crumbs only.

Serve with salsa or some dip for an even better experience.

Hope you liked this recipe. Please do share if you try it out.

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L’Oreal Elvive Hair Products Review

I always wanted to color my hair but never really went for it as I was scared that I’d ruin my already weak, thin hair. Dye and bleach, these things really effect your roots, make them weak and dry your scalp out. Normally I’m not a very hair conscious person but recently I’ve been trying to make it healthier and happier.

After a long debate I recently got my hair dyed a nice light brown color and witnessed that after every wash my hair got really dry, more than I would like. I never use shampoo without oiling my hair so it gives me a silky finish (I have naturally straight silky hair) but even the oiling didn’t prevent the dryness. This is natural for people who get their hair treated and it was putting me off. I tried different shampoos for color treated hair but that didn’t help a lot. Tresseme is a brand used widely by professionals but it didn’t give me good results.

I found this duo that saved my life and I feel like I cant live without this now. Its just AHHHMAZINGGG!!

So L’Oreal has this new range by the name Elvive. I bought their Shampoo and hair mask. Why not the conditioner you ask? Well, because I thought the mask to be the conditioner for sometime until I actually used my eyes and saw that it never read conditioner anywhere and then google came to my rescue. Anyways I’ve been using these since two months now. After every wash it makes my hair soft, smooth, not dry at all and gives it a nice shine and glow to it. I’ve recently been getting a lot of compliments on my hair, trust me this product is amazing because I never get compliments on my hair. I give it a 10/10 because it smells amazing too. Its just the best thing I’ve tried so far.

How I do it:

I wash my oiled hair with the Elvive shampoo.

Then apply the hair mask starting from the tips focusing most of the product on the tips and then the remaining product in the roots. Let it stay for about 3-4 minutes and then wash it off.

I do this thrice a week. Now that I’ve been using it since two months I feel that it enhances my hair color gives it a nice shine and  has made my hair healthier and I can definitely see improvement. Prior to this my hair was very weak and lifeless, if that makes any sense.

Ladies, I would say Go For It!

Click here to see what L’Oreal has to say about this product.

What is your Hair care routine? whats your take on this product if you have tried it. Do let me know in the comments below or email me meemfay96@gmail.com I’d love to chat.

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Beauty and the Beast Review

Ever since the word got out that Emma Watson would be playing Belle in the new Disney channel live action movie “Beauty and the Beast”, I couldn’t wait. I believe it was back in early 2016 that it all started and I was counting days. The trailer looked really promising. I watched all the BTS and interviews and my expectations were pretty high, especially after the live action for Cinderella turned out to be as beautiful as I had imagined.

Now, the thing is I haven’t to this day, ever seen beauty and the beast (The animated version) but I do know the gist of the story. There is a beast, a rose and the castle is alive and under a spell which belle breaks. Point is I didn’t have anything to compare this live action version to, which I think is a plus point because people get disappointed when they watch the remake and say “Oh no but original ko koi beat nahi karsakta” (No one can beat the original version) Which I kind of did but anyways!

DISCLAIMER: This review in no way means to offend any fans of the story beauty and the beast it’s just my personal opinion on what I thought of it. Please don’t take it to your heart. It’s not necessary for you to agree or disagree with my opinion in any way. I’m not being rude I’m just sharing my thoughts. Thaankyouuu 🙂

What I thought of the film? Don’t worry I won’t give spoilers :p

Did I mention that my expectations were above 200?

I think it was, I’d say an okay-ish movie. I know right? disappointing to hear. Maybe I was expecting something super magical and amazing.

Emma Watson was superb I loved her acting she was a thumbs up all along. She looked absolutely ravishing and phenomenal and I am not being biased. 

The beast was…well I think they could’ve done a better job he was too animated to give you the feels. Personally I think he has a bipolar disorder, one minute he’s super angry and the other minute he’s attempting to make jokes and he’s super nice. I’ve heard that this version is pretty close to the original one, the story, the dialogues everything so I don’t know maybe he’s the same and it’s his character…but I feel if they chose the beast to be an actual person instead of him being animated it would’ve been better. The other characters, the candle stick and the teapot they are much too cute in the original movie (this much I do know thanks to google) so that factor was a disappointment.


See what I mean?

I think for it to be a kids rated movie it had a little too much violence. Younger kids (5-10) would be scared. It was too dark for a kids movie. I think it was too serious… I dont know how to describe it. If they would have stuck to the chirpy disney theme like the original one it would be more appealing. Like in the animation the beast is kind of cute he isn’t that scary He actually seems funny. As for this he seemed too animated with a sad life an attitude problem and no optimism left.

I think the story moved on too fast and had loop holes. I feel that some scenes were extra and could be omitted, which would have allowed the story to move at the right pace, because obviously there is always a limited time.

Enough rambling  about what I didn’t like….

What I did like

The fact that they chose Emma Watson to play Belle! Quite frankly I went to watch the movie because of her since I had no childhood obsessions related to this Disney classic. But being a big Emma fan I ws beyond excited!!

The graphics were pretty neat I loved the detailing. Belle’s wardrobe, the castle even the beast. The wolves actually felt real. The sound quality and the scenery absolute love. The ball scene was pretty epic though. That was the only part that felt like Disney material.


I would give it a 5/10.

I don’t know maybe I had really high expectations after the Cinderella remake and I expected it to be more magical and sparkly and pretty… It’s still pretty magical but I don’t know, it just wasn’t that good to a get a 10/10

Being a Disney Classic I think they could’ve done better.

Would I watch it again?

Maybe after some time… But it’s not like I’m in a complete state of Aww  and I’m just having post movie excitement like I normally do after a Disney classic (like Cinderella) (The cinematography was just too good for that one)

So that was my opinion on Beauty and the beast. Hope you liked it. Don’t hate me for being honest please, I’m not a rude person I’m just really serious about my Disney movies :p

Let me know what you think about the movie and if you agree with me or you absolutely loved it.

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DIY Bookmarks

For all those young crafty people out there, here’s a fun little DIY to make your very own Bookmarks.

All you need:

  • Colored paper
  • Markers
  • Chart paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Punch machine
  • Colored pens
  • Wool or any colorful thread which ever you prefer
  • Design cutters
  • Transparent tape (preferably wider than your bookmark)
  • If you have some old wedding invitation cards they would be of great use. Don’t throw them away just yet.
  • Some flowers or glitter for decoration.
  • Some of your favorite quotes.

Once you’ve got everything ready all you need to do is cut your chart paper into 1″ or 2″ wide strips. Length depends on you or on the size of the book you want it for. Write your favorite quotes on them and get creative.

You can stick colored paper on the back of the card and cut designs on the front to make it look impressive. Decorate how ever you like. You can make them according to the theme of your favorite book.

After you are done with your decoration, You want to seal all of it to keep everything in place. For that you need to stick your tape over your bookmark and cut the edges to give it a laminated look. Now punch a hole on the top and pass some thread through it for it to be the holder i.e the part which stays outside the book and indicates where you left reading.

Here is some inspiration. This is how my bookmarks turned out.


I also tried some magnetic ones and they turned out great. For that, I stuck a 1″ magnetic strip each on both the ends of one side of the card and then folded it in half. The magnet does not have to be very strong as it only has to hold a few pages in between.

Here is how they turned out.


The square one is not magnetic it is a corner bookmark. It fir at the corner of the page. The technique is similar to the magnetic ones except there is no magnet attached and two of the sides are stuck together and the other two are open.

Hope you got some inspiration. If you try out your own bookmarks please share them with me I would love to see how they turned out.

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Until next time.


15 Random Facts about me

Hello world!!

I’ve decided to relaunch my blog after a really long hiatus and what could possibly be better than posting random facts about myself?? woop woop!

You’re excited aren’t you?? :p

Here goes…

  • My name starts with an M and my sir name with an F. Hence the alias meemfay.


  • I am obsessed with the colour yellow. If I go to buy anything and it is available in the colour yellow, I will instantly produce a hundred reasons to myself as to why the yellow one is better than the other. I used to be a person with no favorite color and thought that colors can never be favorite. Don’t know when it started, but now I cant just ignore the beauty that resides in yellow items, it makes me smile and gives off cheerful happy vibes.


  • Caramel popcorn is my weakness. You could be my arch nemesis, but if you bring me caramel popcorn I would be the nicest person to you because I can just live on them. I JUST LOVE EATING THEM ALL DAY EVERYDAY. In fact I’m munching on some right now 😛


  • I am extremely health conscious. (says the one who can live on caramel popcorn..very original). No but seriously although I have a sweet tooth I always make sure its not too much. I love baking so I’m trying out new things all the time but I try to cover it up with the workouts I do so that I don’t gain. Gotta stay fit. *puts on raybans* *grabs a whole bunch of caramel popcorn* * drives to the gym* like a bawse.


  • I’ve been a monkey ever since I was born. I could climb every pole every swing every tree. I could even climb the door frame in fact it was my favorite place to read a book. Now that I think about it I don’t know why I made the effort of staying airborne in between the door frame to read my books when I could have easily used a chair or a sofa, but it was the thrill of being unique I guess. Not only climbing being a small size, I loved fitting myself into small places and then feeling achieved as if I had invented self-cleaning makeup brushes. (that would be awesome though). True story, I was so confident of my athletic abilities that one day when my cousin and I got locked outside the house I climbed the wall, because I was Tarzan and I thought why ring the bell? when I can very conveniently let us in by opening the door from the inside. Well I got an electric shock which resulted in me fainting as I had grabbed one of the big pipes supplying electricity to our house from the main pole.  NEVER TOUCH BIG PIPES COMING FROM THE ELECTRICITY POLE KIDS!!!


  • My favorite childhood novel was Harry potter. It took me 7 long years to finish the series because I had such emotional attachment with it I wouldn’t let it end. It was very painful for me every time I finished a book. I was devastated  when my aunt tried to spoil it for me by telling me that “wailing Martha” had died. !!SPOILER ALERT!! there is no wailing Martha -_-


  • I am team Peeta all the way in case you were wondering and I don’t get the people who are team Gale. Don’t you like your bread guys???


  • I am obsessed with all things scented like: Scented candles, bodywash, handcreams, handwashes, sanitizers. I love coordinating all these things and collecting the same scent everywhere. I love it when a specific place smells a specific way. So I burn my candles even in the hot karachi summer to make my room smell like black cherry and milk chocolate. Yup I’m crazy. :p Having said that I’m very particular about my smells. I don’t easily approve scents. I’m very choosy about it. I don’t like every other scent. Same goes for perfumes. I very rarely like a perfume it should be just perfect.


  • I am horrible at directions…like horrible. If I’m alone and I have to find my way home…or anywhere for that matter I would probably get lost and starve to death. I just don’t understand how people do it. I cant tell where I am and what I have to do to get somewhere. I’d probably be going around in circles until someone comes and finds me or I open navigation on my phone. (Google is my true lifeline)


  • Having said that I love to drive. I learnt driving at a very young age 13 to be precise and now drive everywhere just for fun and for important adult like businesses.(In the supervision of google navigation of course since lets be honest I would end up in the middle of the ocean without it )


  • Many a times people confuse me for a small young girl and treat me like a child (which is quite to my advantage but sometimes its annoying) although I am very much 21 now. I have a short height so maybe that’s why? I don’t know.

The other day someone (about 28 years old) after spending an entire 6 day workshop with me:

Her: You must get bored here with all the aunties.

Me: No its fine really-

Her: How do you manage it with school and all, must be very tough.

Me: No I don’t go to school

Her: Hain?? what do you do then?

Me: No I meant I’m done with scho-

Her: Acha Acha! Must be in A levels

Me: No I just recently finished my BA

Her: Whhaaatttt?? *stares at me like I’m an alien* Suchii I thought you must be 15-16                    Oh my goddd!!! Bilkul bachi lagti ho!!

Me: uh huhuhuh jee…. *awkward moment* *what to do stand there?* *What am I                          supposed to say? thankyou?*  inside voice tells me *Abort mission run away exit                      mayday mayday*

I just don’t know what to do in these situations…

  • I love books, reading, writing and generally getting inspired through someones words. I feel I get more effected through reading rather than watching a movie or an inspirational film. How someone can put words in a certain manner to make you think in a way…its just magic to me. I mean its really easy to direct someone towards a certain thing by showing them a video supported by music which does half the job. But forming someones opinion through words… its just… WOW! If this makes any sense.


  • I’m a perfectionist which can be really frustrating at times as it takes me ages to complete a project because I want every step to be done in complete peace and organization. Whenever I do my makeup I need the eyeliner to be exactly equal other wise I have to do it a bazillion times. Honestly my sister can’t even see a difference between the two eyes and I go crazy over that tiny difference. I need the vegetables to be cut just perfectly same in size or it bothers me through out cooking. If  my fondant isn’t equally rolled out or white fondant gets a spec of the cocoa powder I just can’t deal with it. Sometimes perfection is exhausting because the time process and the stress makes me lazy and I end up not doing it or my mom says: You know what we don’t have a lot of time right now maybe you can make this later some time? (because we’re always on a time crunch…life is too fast) ITS OKAY IF YOU’RE MESSY AND UNORGANIZED ITS FUN THAT WAY.
  • There are two names that I really like since the beginning of time and both of them are the main characters of two of my books that I’m writing. No of course I’m not going to tell you…


  • I’m a makeup/stationary hoarder. I just love collecting makeup and stationary alike, even if the lipstick doesn’t suit my complexion, I still have to get it because someone visiting my room might need it. You know what I mean? I have a huge collection of diaries, erasers, pencils, pens different colors, sizes, shapes. You name it and I have it! Its a problem I tell you!

So these were 15 random facts about yours truly. Why 15 you ask me? well because if I do more then we would be sat here all day and I would never finish. Maybe one day when I’m feeling it I’ll do a part two.

For now, please comment and let me know what you like to collect or have a huge collection of? Do you have any embarrassing childhood stories? Share them with me so I can feel I’m not the only one.

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Until next time


Stationery/Accessories haul

A little too many hauls happening recently, but its okay a shopping spree never hurt any body right?

I am obsessed with cute quotes on anything. Be it mugs bags phone cases etc. So recently I found these cute little things at an event. By things I mean key chains and magnets and other stuff. Hiba magazine always has some unique ideas and they never disappoint you. I picked these ones from their hibakids range. Enjoy!


This cute little pencil bag said Emaan…always carry it around. I dont know why I dont have a picture of the front but that’s what it said in the front Emaan. and then this is the back of it. There were different colors I loeeved this one.


This is my favorite item of all. Firstly I love the colour of it and secondly, look how cute and inspirational the quote is “Don’t tell Allah how big your storm is…tell your storm how big Allah is!” without a doubt he is the Almighty all knowing. Also can we just appreciate the wall hanging at the back? “When praying don’t give Allah instructions…just report for duty.” You got that right!



Next are these adorable fridge magnets. Colour ful and Cute. They say “Lets take a moment to say Alhamdulillah!” and “I do what ever Allah tells me to”


Another wall hanging “As a man’s wisdom increases, so his desire to speak decreases.” I just love the pattern on this one. This was actually not from Hiba magazine it was Maria Subhan visit her facebook page for more details. But I just absolutely loved this.


And finally these key chains, which I obsess over all the time. The first one says “I wear the blush of haya”

The other two are “If you don’t stand for Islam you’ll fall for anything.” and “Keep praying, even if you have only a whisper left.”

I just love all these items and I can’t decide which to use first. You can find all the other things that I didn’t buy,. check out the rest of their collection. I’d say its pretty neat. I love all the quotes.

In case anyone was wondering where I got the phone case in the background. I got it from Mayfair moments. Obsessed with patterns and quotes.


Thats right ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that’

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul.

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until next time



Makeup haul

Remember how my bio said this is not a beauty blog, but then I posted a majority of beauty related posts? Yeah I’m still gonna stick to my statement and say this isn’t a beauty blog. We can just pretend I don’t have an obsession with makeup and I’ll just continue posting makeup products and also other stuff….sometimes….occasionally.

Recently I took up  a makeup class for which I had to buy makeup from scratch, as I didn’t own any then.I mean I did have lip gloss and brushes and stuff but the basics like foundation concealer etc. So here is my little haul. I’ll report back and let you know what I like best, so keep an eye out for my favorites.

These are the things I did not have.

Ive provided a link to everything if it was available, click the highlighted word to open the link



So I got a Mayebelline Dream Satin liquid foundation in Ivory. It looked beautiful on my skin, it is not dry at all and has a nice natural shine to it. It says it has SPF 13 which I heard is good if you you go in the sun it acts as a sunblock. Again I just read this on some website don’t know how true it is. I will report back in my favorites to let you know if it does.

Next I got a nude brown Diana of London Surprise lipstick. It had smooth application and a nice smell to it.


I also got an essence lipstick in the shade 05 which is called look at me. You can clearly tell I’m just loving the nudes.


Since brown is my favorite I also bought an essence All about bronze eye shadow palette. I feel that a nude smoky eye always looks good. It has all the shades of brown one needs for a basic eye look. And its soooooo shinyyyyyy *dies*


I also got some greys and blacks for a smoky eye. Once again essence was my selection I got the All about greys  eyeshadows.

For face powder I got the Lucious cosmetics Velvet matte oil control pressed powder, which also has SPF 15.

This Luscious cosmetics Angel eyes eyeshadow primer was complimentary with my shopping.


I got the Diana of london protouch concealer in the shade 01


Two more things that I purchased from luscious cosmetics was the whitening base hydrating primer which has SPF 35. It gives you a nice glow and opens up your pores.

The other thing that I’m already obsessing over is the Luscious cosmetics sparkling face shimmer in fairy dust. Can I just say that I am n love. I’m not going to say a lot on it because I plan on doing a separate blog on this product. But IT IS PERFECTION ❤


These are all the things from my makeup haul. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I love me a good makeup haul. Let me know if you want a full blog post on any of these products. I’ll be reviewing about the ones that I loved in my favorites and if you’ve used any of these or have some suggestions please let me know because I’d love to know.

Follow my blog to keep yourself posted. Until next time



Rainbow cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a little rainbow? Especially if it is in the form of a cupcake!

Recently my little sister had a bake sale at her school and she wanted to do something colorful so I decided to bake her some cupcakes and because it had to be colourful we made rainbow ones.

Here’s how I did it.IMG_20160222_132046 (3)

Line your cupcake tray.

Prepare your cupcake batter and divide into the number of colours you want to make. I went for only four colours as my batter was less and could not be distributed into many parts.

An easier way to mix in the colours without having to waste the batter by shifting it into several things, is to put the batter into ( I had four) piping bags. Place the bag inside a glass in a way that its opening stays upright while the nozzel faces the bottom.

For the colour I used Ameri colours. They are gel paste soft food colours and their thick consistency, helps the batter to stay in place and not become very liquidy as we dont want all our colours to mix with one another. Normal food colours can also be used but I didnt want my batter to be too liquidy to handle. The reason why I used piping bags for this, rather then using a spoon was, because of thick consistensy of the batter. If it is in a bowl in which the colour was mixed and then a spoon was used to pour it into the tray too much of the batter would be wasted being stuck on the spoon and the bowl. Also you will see that using the piping bag makes it fun allowing us to put a certain color in parts of the cupcake we desire. i.e it is easier to handle the colors. It will all make sense as you continue reading.


I used  Sky Blue, Leaf Green, Orange mixed with a little yellow and Fuchsia ( which by the way is my favorite colour.)

Use separate toothpicks to add the colors to each piping bag and then use shashlick sticks for mixing the colors completely.Or if you are using these ones then they come with a dropper so the tooth pick wont be necessary. Once mixed take the piping bags out of the glasses and get ready for the fun to begin. It is upon your hearts content to choose whatever pattern you want to pour the colors.


I wanted my base to be one single colour so I poured Green all over the bottom and then tapped the tray to make it flat and cover the entire space. Then I poured orange but in less quantity and tapped the tray with less force to give it this kind of a look.



Next I poured the blue but used a small nozzel and made spirals and squiggly lines,as I didnt want too much blue in the middle, tapped the tray and went for the next colour. I made several trays of cupcakes and the order of the colours was different for each one. It can be just the way you like it.

Keep it going until you’re satisfied with the amount of colours you put in. I used small cupcake holders so mine couldn’t hold more than five to six layers. Be sure to keep space for the cupcake to rise. Don’t fill more than half.

Keep the tray in the oven for the required time and wait.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I was preparing cupcakes for a bake sale so I decided to make a little stand for them to go in. By the time my cupcakes were in the oven I prepared this.


This would be the stage for the Rainbow Cupcakes. :p

Shortly afterwards, my cupcakes were ready and it was time to decorate. I chose a recipe in which my cupcakes were not supposed to rise too much as I wanted a flate surface for decoration, yet rise a little.


The exciting part of the cupcake is revealed when you cut it in half. My idea was to cover it fully in icicng so that when the kids took a bite they would enjoy the colourful surprise.


The piping bag allows you to give an abstract look. The colors are not distributed equally which is what I really like.You can draw whatever pattern you want and that gives every cupcake a different look.IMG_20160222_142328

I used whipped cream to make the vanilla frosting, covered the entire cupcake with the frosting to keep the inside a surprise and sprinkled some rainbow vermicelli.

Place the cupcakes in your tray and you’re ready to go.


Like this post if you want to know how I made this cupcake stand. Its really simple.

I hope you recreate this and have fun with it.

Ps. One of the cupcakes was about to get eaten before I took the picture hence it looks a bit weird.

untill next time




I found it!!

So, you might have seen these memes floating around the net and I don’t know about you but I certainly felt intrigued and found it extremely necessary to start the search for them because…well… who doesn’t like nutella,maltesers and oreo. I felt it my responsibility to find them and try them to complete my life!

I managed to find only two of these (boohooo) yet!! the search is on don’t worry. It shall continue untill I fulfill at my task.

So my excitment level started traveling down the slope as I opened the first out of the two, after using eenie miniee to decide which one to open first, to find the malteser icecream extremely melted. (Thats a bummer)

The packaging is different but the thing is the same.



By extremely melted I mean extremely melted however keeping in mind the famous quote never judge a book by its cover I took the first bite. I was transported into some other land, the icecream might be melted and may not be presentable but it was the most amazing thing ever . 

I love how they have little bead sized maltesers very minute and small and when you take a bite they melt into your mouth and cause you to forget about the math assignment you had due the next day. I give this one 8 out of ten and I might be liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle biased because I love maltesers over anything.


The Oreo ice cream turned out be a wee bit better than the former but it was still melted.IMG_20151020_222348

It was like having a cookies and cream flavored Oreo biscuit ice cream ( no kidding) is that what your supposed to get? I don’t know. It was literally a colder version of Oreo cookies. I liked it but not like reaallly liked it, it was nice and maybe ill get it again but Im not obsessed. I give it  a 6 out of ten. If your a major Oreo fan you’ll probably love it, like my sister did as she breathes Oreo all the time.

I think ill get more of the maltesers one. However the search for the other of the memes continues because if I love anything more than maltesers its nutella so once i get my hands on that, i will probably forget the maltesers *innocent face*

I found these two near my house at Springs and I think they might be available at Agha’s or Farid’s aswell. If you spot any of these specimen please do feel free to tell me.

Until next time